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We offer a 10% discount on any of our hammocks and hammock stands for anyone who is dissatisfied with their old shammock or shammock stand.

Bring it in, or send us photos of a recycled and/or dismantled shammock or shammock stand. Send pics to Get creative!

No dangerous or offensive photos please.

Anonymous SHAMMOCK bloggers

Paid for "content" posted anonymously... I wouldn't put my name on #*it either.

A shammock shovelling sheisterama of such daily volume that I dedicated an entire blog to containing and tracing the flow:

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Thursday, 27 August 2009

Chinese SHAMMOCK Manufacturers

The New Shammock Source:

Mass retailers spread the shammock boom to China seeking to shave pennies wherever they could. The shammock virus is now widely spread through the huge industrial complex in China and you can buy shammocks from literally thousands of factories who will attempt to build anything that appears lucrative.

These factories (the same factory) make everything from curtain rods to electronic components to drive-shafts and flywheels. And they throw hammocks into the mix if they can construct something that looks like one and sell a few thousand.

A shammock is like the flu - anyone can catch it and pass it on.

for a comprehensive view of the force behind the new Shammock Epidemic, search "hammocks" on

There are thousands of Chinese factories jumping on the shammock bandwagon. Most of them weren't selling hammocks last year, and most won't be selling them next year.

Here are a few Chinese manufacturers who supply the websites offering a wide selection of shammocks in the USA.

American SHAMMOCK manufacturers

Where the sham began:

Hatteras Hammocks - An early pioneer, and one of the largest manufacturers of the shammock during the 19th century. They merged with Pawleys Island Hammocks in '99 or 2000 to form The Hammock Source.

Algomanet Company: Basically a lower-cost version of the Hatteras/Pawleys line.

Nags Head Hammocks: Another East Coast rope shammock maker.

Pawleys Island - The earliest American shammock pioneer, and the largest manufacturer during the 19th century. Merged with Hatteras Hammocks to form The Hammock Source.

Hammaka - Shammock importers/imitators who call themselves manufacturers.

The Hammock Source - merger of the 2 largest U.S. shammock manufacturers of the 19th century. This merger was an attempt to save a lost cause. Their dominance of the shammock distribution game was up. They supplied nearly all the shammocks sold by Mass retailers such as Wal-Mart, Sams, Target, Sears, Brookstone prior to year 2000.

Each of those key accounts began buying direct from China between 2000 and 2001, cutting out The Hammock Source as the middleman.

Now a shell of its former self, their well-known brands are mainly used as a confidence game by the Big Box retailers and internet sites. They put Pawleys and Hatteras products on their websites, and they sell their own house brand for less.

It's all the same!

SHAMMOCK Companies Online

Shammock Shell Games come to you . . .

Not that they don't sell a real hammock or two. . .

a few even sell our top quality brand.

Good luck finding the needle in the hay!
AKA hayneedle™ - They started a website in year 2000, collected every shammock shape color and size known to man, bundled it all together in a slick website. They pay tens of thousands per month to rank at the top of the list. Now they are working with former execs from Wal-Mart and Big Brother Goog to refine the shammock distribution model (comfort subtracted). Unveiled: NetShops Changes Brand Name, Launches ...
IT News Online - Mumbai,Maharashtra,India
Hayneedle features an industry-leading site navigation and global checkout ... 100 site and by Inc. Magazine as one of America's fastest growing companies. ... - AKA AKA hayneedle™- same company as above

The rest of these online retailers copy the same model more or less...

The Hammock Company
Home Depot -
Denver Discount Mart
Island Hammocks
Key West Hammocks
NC Hammock Company
101 hammocks
Bliss Hammocks

HAMMOCK Companies Online

Green Eggs & Hammocks - The height of comfort and innovation is here. Rest in the best.

Hangouts - This hammock company has been around longer than most. Appears to be exclusively dedicated to comfortable hammocks. Their hammock stands leave something to be desired aesthetically, but they properly suspend the spreader-less hammocks.

Ramonas - Appears to sell only comfortable hammocks. Can't speak for their service because never bought anything there, but I have inspected some of their hammocks brought to me by locals.

Rada Hammocks - Mexican hammock company. Quality you can trust. Great people. Sending your credit card across the border and paying high freight -pros and cons to consider.

I don't know of any others - do you? If you are dedicated to selling only the top quality comfortable hammocks, or know someone who is, let us know and we'll add them to the list. Send email to

How to avoid Shammocks

The only sure way:

Avoid the stores who sell rope hammocks.

Anyone who would sell you a rope hammock does not have your comfort or satisfaction in mind.

They often sell dozens, even hundreds of hammock varieties. Dozens, of patterns and colors. Everything has a 4 or 5 star comfort rating (of course). They feature smiling models and glowing customer reviews. Why wouldn't they.

You can be sure that they have shaved off the comfort and quality of every hammock, every hammock chair, and every hammock stand they offer.

Ask yourself -

Are you buying a hammock to be comfortable?
Would you like a shammock just to look at it?

Are you searching for the highest form of comfort?
Would you rather get a "great deal" on a nice looking shammock?

There is only one sure way to get a real, comfortable hammock.

Buy from the short list of hammock companies who deal exclusively in comfort. Click here

What IS a Shammock?

Wikipedia is sometimes a decent reference for aggregated "information" about a particular subject. However, my expertise runs contrary to a particular entry - the word "hammock."


hammock is a fabric sling used for sleeping or resting while suspended above ground. It normally consists of one or more cloth panels, or a woven network of twine or thin rope stretched with ropes between two firm points such as trees or posts.

That's not bad as a general definition.

But the photo specimen is a common rope hammock
"Garden Hammock"

This is the classic Shammock!

The rope shammock is the mongrel of the genre, a complete sham of a product, the ultimate anti-innovation of comfort.

And yet, by featuring this inbred species as a "Garden Hammock," the Wiki folks have thrown their weight behind an industrial sham that erodes the comfort standard.

Next to that photo is another: "a couple in a hammock on the beach" - 2 people at a nice beach, perched on the horrid rope shammock.

A shammock is a hammock in sheeps clothing. A shammock is a slick piece of propaganda that spreads when people succeed in marketing and selling shoddy products that have no intrinsic value.

A shammock is what a hammock is not: an empty image, an imposter of comfort.

"Wiki-experts," re-classified the rope hammock as a "Garden Hammock," and then proceeded to equivocate profusely about the different styles and uses of hammocks.

Not surprisingly, references to" comfort" are slim: Buried in the middle of the entry, along with Mayan hammocks, the word "comfort" and "comfortable" appear twice. In the same paragraph, but in a completely erroneous context.

The Wikipedia "hammock" entry is a dangerous piece of misinformation. It's un-American. It enures to the benefit of of corporations who perpetrate the sham.

For someone who may choose this as a starting point before looking to buy a hammock, Wikipedia sends the wrong message entirely.

Wikipedia hammock entry is 10% accurate, 90% misleading, and 3% relevant. Like a Shammock.

The title of the entry would be more accurate labled "SHAMMOCK."

It is a predictable result of the industrial shammock scam perpetrated over 100 years in the United States. Mass retailers love the 10x markup they get selling shammocks as hammocks.

We sympathize with all the people who have purchased a shammock, or a shammock stand. They are made in every conceivable shape and size, and material.

Most of the time the material isn't to blame . . . it's just poorly configured.

The folks who make shammocks don't make them for comfort, they make them for sale. That pads their wallet, not your comfort level. You get the shaft, they get your money, and you don't even know what you missed.

We deal with customers every week at our showroom in Lubbock, who complain about the shammock they got at Wal-Mart, or Sams, or Target, or Lowes, or Home Depot, or Brookstone, or, or any number of big box retailers and online stores.

Employees of these retailers send people straight to US!

They know there is a real hammock store in Lubbock, and we serve their customers properly.

Our customers feel the difference
once they try our hammocks.

They test our state-of-the-art hammock stands and hammock chair stands, and the shammock game is over.